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Glad to know it shows how much I enjoy my job. This student told me “I never hear any of the other tutors laughing on the microphone”. LOL! Love cracking jokes with them and making it a little more fun. Cause let’s be honest, no one wants to be doing homework on a Friday night.

And remember, “do it with passion, or not at all”.

P.S. — There’s no such thing as “too happy”.

Feeling so so blessed to have a best friend like you. Thank you for taking me surfing and exhausting yourself while you swam the entire time. Such a perfect day, even with the little reef cuts and salt water inhalation. It was all laughs. But what’s new? Perfect days are normal when I’m with you.

I need a clean desk for the sake of my sanity. I guess that partially explains why I’ve been feeling so cluttered lately. Or it could be the excessive exposure to people. Crowds are scary, and it’s not long before I feel sick. Literally. Something’s wrong with me, or maybe not. I blame my introverted side. That side is approximately 90% of me, I swear. Read Quiet by Susan Cain. She elaborates on the idea of introversion as well as extroversion and the tendencies of introverts compared to those of extroverts. Well worth the time.

Anyway, also put two of my handmade pots to use and made a shell jar. My paint brushes have been so neglected. Maybe if I see them everyday, I’ll put them to use. But for now, I’m in the process of finding inspiration. That’s my excuse, anyway.






stop this man

im calling the fucking cops

i have obama on the phone


what the fuck is happening

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hold on, darling.

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Always find myself trying to do things my way. I want to go here even though I know it’s wrong. I want to do this even though I shouldn’t. One more time, and I won’t do it anymore or I won’t go there anymore. And each and every time, it leads no where. I feel empty. I leave unhappy. Dead end.

But when I thank God for the gifts he’s given me and thank Him for the blessings He blesses me with each and everyday, I am full even if I haven’t eaten. I am grateful. I am happy, and it feels right. When I surround myself with those who love Him and bask in the nature He has created for our enjoyment, my cup overflows.

I’m sick of living on both sides. I’m tired of taking one step forward and ten steps back. It’s time to make a choice. The fulfilling path that I am promised will be rewarding? Or, empty ephemeral moments? Life or destruction? The answer is obvious, but why is it so hard to be faithful?

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I think it’s time to confront the fact that I’ve been spending an enormous amount of time in the ceramics studio. Earphones in with no one around. Hours and hours… I don’t know if I’m crazy or in love. Maybe both. Probably both.

you must be one of the dreamers

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God’s art is always perfect.